Pro Jeremiah Kindy and Am Jimmy Brown win the Greers Ferry Tournament!

Pro Jeremiah Kindy wins MBOA at Greers Ferry Lake 5-17-15

Here in Arkansas we have the best fishermen in America, because we have such a diverse selection of tournament waters to learn on. We have everything from deep clear water with or without moss, we have muddy impounds, and more than a couple of complete river systems. What a wonderful playground!

The Mr. Bass of Arkansas Tournaments have always traveled all over the state so that you can learn how to compete at all levels on diverse bodies of water so that one day, when you are ready, you can follow so many Arkansans who have made the jump to our nation’s elite Pro status. This is why we say that the Mr. Bass of Arkansas Tournaments are truly the Breeding Grounds of World Champions.

There is a lot of talk about tournament payout this year. The only way for a tournament organization to have a great payout, is to have a large number of fishermen. Below you can click on the image to see the payout of a Mr. Bass Tournament with 150 boats. This is the same payout schedule that we have been using since 1998. We have always paid out a larger percentage of entries than all other circuits.

For this year, if you bring on three new contestants, (either division) you will receive a free entry fee for the next tournament.

All of the major sponsors are back for the 2015 season. We will award a new 2016 Ranger Z119C powered by a Mercury 200 H.P. Opti Max Outboard to the 2015 Mr. Bass Pro Division Champion in November of this year. He or She will be one of only 35 fishermen competing for this $42,000 rig. You will not have to compete against 60, 75, or 150 other fishermen. That’s great odds!

The Amateur Mr. Bass Classic Champion will receive $10,000 complements of Everett Buick GMC in Bryant Arkansas. Again, all that you have to beat is 34 other fishermen.

Everett will again pay a staggering $1500 contingency prize to anyone that wins a regular season qualifying event if they own a new or used vehicle purchased from Everett Buick GMC any time after January 1, 2012.

Ronnie Everett

2015 MBOA Payout