Off-limit days for the classic on Ouachita will be October 26th through November 1st.

The Classic Qualifiers

Congratulations to all of our 2015 Mr. Bass of Arkansas participants. I apologize for the delay in getting these posted, but I had a few questions about the point system, etc from a couple of people so I wanted to go back and make certain that everything was correct before going to print. That being said, I want to clear up just a couple of items. Ronnie implemented two changes this year that made a difference in the way points were calculated and qualifiers were determined for the classic. First, he increased the number of points for each tournament. In the past, 1st place at a tournament was worth 50 points, second worth 49, etc. But this year he changed that to 75 points for 1st, 74 for 2nd and so on. The other change was that we held 5 qualifying tournaments as opposed to 6. And to go with that change the number of required tournaments to be eligible for the classic was 4 out of 5 rather than 5 out of 6. This information was changed on the brochure / entry forms and was announced at several of the pre-tournament meetings. Unfortunately, when Ronnie and I were dividing up duties, he was responsible for turning all of the changes in to our website designer but forgot to do so.

With all of that being said, please know that EVERY tournament was scored according to the 75 point scale. This mistake was caught earlier in the year and corrected at that time. Therefore, no one received more or less points than exactly what he earned for each event.

Finally, you may notice a difference in your points from the last tournament compared to what is there now. The formula used was incorrect and it awarded double points and double weight when it should have only calculated double points. While this may have made a small difference in the standings for some, it did NOT make a difference in who qualified for the classic and who did not.

As always, thank you for your patience. I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Classic and feel free to contact me with any questions.

2015 Mr. Bass of Arkansas Classic Qualifiers

PDF version here

Pro Timmy Poe and Am Hunter Snell wins the 2-Day MBOA Tournament at Lake Dardanelle!

Pro Timmy Poe & Am Hunter Snell wins MBOA at Lake Dardanelle 9-27-15