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Why Mr. Bass of Arkansas

In 1974 Porter Everett had a plan to bring a tournament series to Arkansas that would mimic the newly formed national tournament trail, “Bassmaster.” It was Porter’s desire to put into place a cutting edge series that would give the fishermen in Arkansas a platform to hone their competitive fishing skills so that one day they could make the jump to be ready and able to compete on the national pro level.

Mr. Bass of Arkansas Tournament Officials

It worked very well. Through the past 43 years the Mr. Bass of Arkansas Tournaments has been able to keep that inspiration alive and not only have many fishermen gone on to compete, but several have become World Champions. Here are a few of examples of these fishermen.

Doug Garrett – Bassmaster Mega Bucks Champion -1997 & 1998

George Cochran – Bass Master Champion -1987 & 1996

Eddie Waits – All American

Ron Shuffield – Touring Pro -17yrs.

Scott Rook – Bassmaster Legends -2006

Mike Wurm – Bassmaster Top 100 -1996

Scott Suggs – Forrest L. Wood Cup Champion -2007

Billy McCaghren – Bassmaster Rookie of the Year -2010

Kevin Short – Bassmaster Open Champion -2011

Keith Williams – FLW Tour Champion Kentucky Lake -2009

Mark Davis – Bassmaster Angler of the Year -1995, 1998 & 2001 and Bassmaster Classic Champion -1995

Sterling Williams – All American Champion -1998

Greg Hackney – FLW Angler of the Year -2005

Shawn Gordon – TBF National Champion “Living the dream package” & Forrest Wood Cup Qualifier

Zack King – TBF National Champion “Living the dream package” & Forrest Wood Cup Qualifier

Steven Browning – 3 time Bassmaster champion

Stetson Blaylock – 1 FLW Tour tournament win, 11 time Forrest Wood Cup Qualifier

Jeremiah Kindy – Forrest Wood Cup Qualifier

Mr. Bass of Arkansas Pros

These fishermen and our great sponsors have made the Mr. Bass of Arkansas Tournaments, the most prestigious trail in Arkansas. Ranger Boats, Mercury Outboards, Evinrude Outboards, AllStar Rods, Pflueger Reels, and many others have contributed to our 40 plus years of success.

GEARED powering your passion in Hot Springs, Arkansas is the new owner of the Mr. Bass of Arkansas Pro-Am Tournament Series!

As the new owners we are very excited about our opportunity to rapidly grow Mr. Bass of Arkansas. We know that already being ingrained deeply within our beloved tournament fishing industry as anglers, sponsors, and our retail business we can get Mr. Bass of Arkansas back to and beyond where it once was. You all are aware we are passionate about this industry, and we will continue doing our best to be as innovative as possible, to grow not only the opportunity for the anglers of Arkansas to have an elite Pro-Am tournament trail, but also grow or new sponsorship partners. We are actively working on changing the original 2018 schedule and finalizing a lot of new partnerships from across the industry. Things are looking great for 2018! I have fished Mr. Bass of Arkansas tournaments for many years so it holds very special place in my heart, so I look forward to the hard work in the coming months. We feel very blessed at the opportunity to own the historic Mr. Bass of Arkansas Pro-Am trail and already looking forward to kicking off in January next year.