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Angler Profiles

Do you fish Mr. Bass of Arkansas Tournaments (are over 18 years old) and want your Angler Profile listed? Please send a recent photo, your name, occupation and business name, and your preferred method for contact (can have more than one), to There is an option to opt in/out of the Angler Profile page within the online entry form as well. Angler Profile pages are divided up by last name (see menu below).

Cody Kemp
Occupation: Owner of MBOA & GEARED
Contact: 501-815-3058
Email Cody
Evan Barnes
Occupation: Co-Owner of GEARED
Contact: 501-463-9224
Email Evan
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Marvin Abney Marvin Abney
Occupation: V.P. of Operations @ Ark-Plas Products
Contact: 870-404-5832
Email Marvin
Cole Allen Cole Allen
Occupation: Maintenance
Contact: 870-330-2054
Jared Allen Jared Allen
Contact: 479-518-5192
Tim Allen Tim Allen
Occupation: Cashsavers
Contact: 903-306-9855
Chris Amason Chris Amason
Occupation: Dog Breeder
Contact: 479-216-3907
Greg Ault Greg Ault
Occupation: Home Builder
Contact: 501-922-7170
Avery Baker Avery Baker
Occupation: Maintenance Lead @ Big River Steel
Contact: 870-680-2126
Evan Barnes Evan Barnes
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer @ Baxley Equipment
Contact: 501-849-4081
Ken Bass Kenn Bass
Occupation: Self-Employed @ Lane Commercial Equipment Co.
& The Limu Company
Contact: 501-650-0119
Email Kenn
Hunter Baughman Hunter Baughman
Occupation: Self-Employed
Contact: 501-580-2505
Kevin Beatty Kevin Beatty
Occupation: Plant Manager @ ReddyIce
Contact: 870-534-7323 / 870-718-4816
Email Kevin
Robert Beene Robert Beene
Occupation: Pipeline Inspector @ CenterPoint Energy
Contact: 501-450-8373
Randy Benham Randy Benham
Occupation: Radiologist Assistant
Contact: 501-351-0199
Email Randy
Jamey Black Jamey Black
Occupation: Black & Assoc. Insurance Agency
& Black’s Custom Lures
Contact: 870-484-1452
Email Jamey
Dustin Blevans Dustin Blevans
Occupation: UPS Presorter
Contact: 870-577-7929
Email Dustin
Sonny Bogard Sonny Bogard
Occupation: Bogard Siding
Teddy Bogard Teddy Bogard
Occupation: Bogard Siding & UPS Driver
Contact: 870-550-5270
Mark Boling Mark Boling
Occupation: Boling Enterprises, Inc.
Contact: 870-659-6275
Steve Boone Steve Boone
Occupation: Retired
Contact: 501-767-7717
Email Steve
Steve Bowman Steve Bowman
Occupation: Writer
Contact: 501-416-3024
Email Steve
Edward Boydston Jr. Edward Boydston Jr.
Occupation: RN
Contact: 479-857-5420
Cornelius Branch Jr. Cornelius Branch Jr.
Occupation: Aircraft Builder
Contact: 870-210-1994
Joel Brewer Joel Brewer
Occupation: Student
Contact: 870-315-5184
Bobby Brooks Bobby Brooks
Occupation: Owner @ Brooks Ice
Contact: 479-234-2339
Email Bobby
Johnny Brooks Johnny Brooks
Occupation: Owner @ Glossy Oak Floors, Inc.
Contact: 501-247-7279
Email Johnny
Bobby Brown Sr. Bobby Brown Sr.
Occupation: Management
Contact: 501-749-8786
Jimmy Brown Jimmy Brown
Occupation: W/H Worker @ McKesson Medical
Contact: 501-993-4979
Kevin Brown Kevin Brown
Occupation: Entergy
Contact: 501-844-1585
Nicholas Brown Nicholas Brown
Occupation: Law Enforcement
Contact: 501-519-0578
Email Nicholas
Todd Brown Todd Brown
Occupation: After 5 Auto Body
Contact: 501-541-3540
Brandon Bruning Brandon Bruning
Occupation: Founder/Realtor @ The BLK Group
Contact: 479-747-6248
Email Brandon
Clint Byrant Clint Bryant
Occupation: Forest Service
Contact: 870-828-1625
Alan Bull Alan Bull
Occupation: GM Dealer
Contact: 870-588-6099
Jason Bunch Jason Bunch
Occupation: Electrical Rep @ Porter Sales
Contact: 501-454-3888
Email Jason
Cody Burke Cody Burke
Occupation: LPN @ OrthoArkansas
Contact: 870-703-4474
Email Cody
Amanda Burns Amanda Burns
Occupation: Production Analyst
Contact: 501-749-5928
Email Amanda
David Burris David Burris
Occupation: Shop Foreman
Contact: 501-860-4367
Email David
Chris Campbell Chris Campbell
Occupation: Salesman @ Frito Lay
Contact: 870-588-2448
Ricky Don Cantrell Ricky Don Cantrell
Occupation: Police Officer
Contact: 870-377-4971
Larry Carter Sr. Larry Carter Sr.
Occupation: Coach @ Friendship Community Care
Contact: 501-224-0927
Email Larry
Bill Cerrato Bill Cerrato
Occupation: Window World
Contact: 501-554-0076
Email Bill
Paden Chrisman Paden Chrisman
Occupation: Student
Contact: 501-954-0644
John Clark John Clark
Occupation: Welder
Contact: 870-489-7601
Kevin Clark Kevin Clark
Occupation: A Shadow of a Star Karaoke
& P. Clark & Associates, LLC
Contact: 501-317-5464
Email Kevin
Randall Clark
Occupation: Manager of IT Operations
Contact: 501-658-0664
Glen Clements Glen Clements
Occupation: Master Electrician
Contact: 501-733-7788
Todd Cline Todd Cline
Occupation: HVACR Contractor/Technician
Contact: 501-831-1025
Email Todd
Kirby Coats Kirby Coats
Occupation: Appraiser @ Coats Appraisal Service Inc.
Contact: 501-730-2343
Rick Cole Rick Cole
Occupation: Manufactured Home Sales Mngr.
Contact: 479-234-3143
Email Rick
Terry Cordum Terry Cordum
Occupation: Engineer @ Evans Enterprises Inc.
Contact: 479-651-1773
Jeremy Creel Jeremy Creel
Occupation: Registered Forester
Contact: 870-692-3246
Email Jeremy
Jeffery Criswell Jeffery Criswell
Occupation: Attorney
Contact: 501-209-1503
Dustin Crow Dustin Crow
Occupation: Electrician
Contact: 501-912-3621
Chris Darby Chris Darby
Occupation: Lake Ouachita Guide
Contact: 870-867-7822
Brent DeClerk Brent DeClerk
Occupation: Security Guard
Contact: 501-416-8533
Email Brent
Troy Denn Troy Denn
Occupation: Teacher @ Perryville School District
Contact: 479-857-3837
Email Troy
Chris Dennis Chris Dennis
Occupation: General Contractor @ Little Rock Construction
Contact: 501-772-7400
Previn Dixon
Occupation: Shift Manager
Contact: 918-232-4604
Wayne Dixon Wayne Dixon
Occupation: Heavy Equipment Operator @ City of Morrilton
Contact: 501-208-1893
Don Douglas Don Douglas
Contact: 501-351-3777
Zane Drake Zane Drake
Occupation: Millwright
Contact: 870-904-5259
Rick Duren Rick Duren
Occupation: Self-Employed @ JJ’s Truck Stop
Contact: 501-844-1823
John Duvall John Duvall
Occupation: Lineman
Contact: 479-264-3899


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