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Angler Profiles 3


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Blake Ingle Blake Ingle
Occupation: Auto Tech
Contact: 501-442-6293
Zach Ingram Zach Ingram
Occupation: Student
Contact: 501-412-5745
Cameron Ivie Cameron Ivie
Occupation: Operations Mgr. @ Argos Ready-Mix Concrete
Contact: 501-291-9534
Email Cameron
Ben Jackson Ben Jackson
Occupation: HVAC Service Tech
Contact: 501-844-9307
Tyler Jackson Tyler Jackson
Occupation: Olin Chemical
Contact: 479-774-3614
Robert Jacuzzi Robert Jacuzzi
Occupation: Sales Manager @ Astra Zeneca
Contact: 501-416-5853
Email Robert
Larry James Larry James
Occupation: Retired
Contact: 501-837-5450
Michael Jinkins Michael Jinkins
Occupation: Retired
Contact: 501-940-7341
Demetric Johnson Demetric Johnson
Occupation: Transportation
Contact: 501-823-7477
Email Demetric
Herbert Kimbrough Jr. Herbert Kimbrough Sr.
Occupation: Law Enforcement
Contact: 501-563-9584
Bryson Kindy Bryson Kindy
Occupation: Student
Contact: 501-672-8054
Jeremiah Kindy Jeremiah Kindy
Contact: 501-317-1244
Jonathan Knight Jonathan Knight
Occupation: Education Administration
Contact: 501-258-5050
Email Jonathan
Daniel Kweekul Daniel Kweekul
Occupation: Letter Carrier @ USPS
Contact: 501-231-7597
Tabitha Lancaster Tabitha Lancaster
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Contact: 870-245-7510
Keith Lanier Keith Lanier
Occupation: District Manager @ Smith & Wesson
Contact: 501-442-6656
Email Keith
Kevin LaRue Kevin LaRue
Occupation: Self-Employed
Contact: 501-293-1922
Travis Lawhon Travis Lawhon
Occupation: Small Business Owner
Contact: 501-765-2902
Matt Lea Matt Lea
Occupation: Owner of HVAC
Contact: 501-680-9105
Brandon Lee Brandon Lee
Occupation: Self-Employed
Jason Lenderman Jason Lenderman
Occupation: Banking
Contact: 870-490-0804
Jason Lieblong Jason Lieblong
Occupation: Financial Advisor @ Lieblong & Assoc.
Contact: 501-450-2700
Email Jason
Eddie Lindley Eddie Lindley
Occupation: Builder & Remodeler
Contact: 870-672-1080
Ed Loftis Ed Loftis
Occupation: Master Plumber
Contact: 501-351-1249
Clay Loy Clay Loy
Occupation: Sales @ Gregg Orr Marine
Contact: 501-547-7966
Michael Lucas Michael Lucas
Occupation: Maintenance Mngr. @ Core-Mark
Contact: 870-317-0237
Josh Madar Josh Madar
Occupation: Mechanic
Contact: 870-377-2868
Charles Madden Charles E. Madden III
Occupation: Retired Military
Contact: 501-940-0888
Bill Mainord Bill Mainord
Occupation: Incite Rehab
Contact: 501-733-9900
Email Bill
Johnny Manning Johnny Manning
Occupation: Retired
Contact: Email Johnny
Jeff Marks Jeff Marks
Occupation: Business Owner
Contact: 870-500-8804
Chris Martin Chris Martin
Contact: 501-920-7191
Fred Martin Fred Martin
Occupation: Salon / Barbershop
Contact: 501-231-7578
AJ Mays AJ Mays
Occupation: Project Manager
Contact: 501-413-7440
Brandon McNew Brandon McNew
Occupation: Conway Corp.
Contact: Email Brandon
Michael Miller Michael Miller
Occupation: Insurance Agent
Contact: Email Michael
T.J. Miller T.J. Miller
Occupation: Alignment @ Precision Truck Alignment
Chris Miranda Chris Miranda
Occupation: Sales
Contact: 479-857-5839
Sam Mitchell Sam Mitchell
Occupation: Take 5 for a Ride (Non-Profit)
Contact: 501-818-0084
Email Sam
Matthew Mize Matthew Mize
Occupation: Machinist @ Red River Army Depot
Contact: 501-278-6854
Email Matt
Mitchell Moon Mitchell Moon
Occupation: Maintenance @ Corps of Engineers
Contact: 501-278-6854
Kyle Moore Kyle Moore
Occupation: Assistant Driller
Contact: 501-339-1337
Email Kyle
Brad Morgan Brad Morgan
Occupation: Maintenance
Contact: 870-582-4349
Robert Morphew Robert Morphew
Occupation: Sales
Contact: 713-835-5833
Email Robert
Roger Morphew Roger Morphew
Occupation: Business Owner
Contact: 479-394-7747
Jordan Mullenix Jordan Mullenix
Occupation: Breeder Mngr.
Contact: 870-490-0207
Timothy Mulligan Timothy Mulligan
Occupation: Owner @ Mulligan Plumbing Inc.
Contact: 501-681-8828
John Murphy John Murphy
Occupation: Tech @ Central Arkansas Water
Contact: 501-350-5626
Jeff Murray Jeff Murray
Occupation: Driver
Contact: 870-484-2397
Email Jeff
Jay Myers Jay Myers
Occupation: G.M. @ Crain Automotive
Contact: 501-580-2083
Email Jay
Joel Newman Joel Newman
Occupation: Sales
Contact: 501-454-0270
Tony Nesterenko Tony Nesterenko
Occupation: Chiropractor @ Specific Chiropractic
Contact: 501-831-7771
Jordan Ogle Jordan Ogle
Occupation: Dog Trainer
Contact: 501-652-6023
Max Oliver Jr. Max Oliver Jr.
Occupation: Production Manager @ Rhein Chemie
Contact: 501-804-6154
Email Max
Trey Overton Trey Overton
Occupation: Rolando’s Restaurant
Contact: 501-815-4798
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