• ENFORCEMENT These rules will remain unchanged during the 2019 AWS event. Enforcement of all rules will be the responsibility of the tournament director or his appointed tournament director. The decisions of the acting official tournament director are final. In the event of a continued appeal by a contestant and at any moment of accusation of favoritism or wrong doing by the official tournament director the appealing contestant and tournament director will randomly select a three-person panel from the competition field to hear the complaint and reasoning for directors ruling. Each panel member will then silently vote to resolve the disagreement. If the appealing contestant is still found at fault the contestant will be fined $100 (each) to be paid before he or she is allowed entry to the next event. If the contestant is found not guilty AWS 2019 tournament will issue a full refund of the appealing contestants entry fee for said event. Each contestant agrees to report any rule violation to the tournament director immediately upon discovery of the violation. A failure to report a violation result in disqualification. Any violation of a tournament rule could result in any of the following, weight deduction, the loss of weight or fish at time of infraction during the tournament day, the disqualification of all weight or fish, the disqualification of the largest fish, disqualification from the entire tournament, or future disqualification of AWS tournament competition. Complaints, appeals, and/or rule violations are to be signed and documented by the angler within one hour of the angler’s tournament day check in. AWS tournament director has the right to consider or investigate a discovered rules violation after a tournament has concluded and use his or her director authority to administer penalties to the guilty party to ensure the sanctity and integrity of the AWS annual tournament competition. PARTICIPANTS, ELIGIBILITY, PAYBACK: Proof of age to the satisfaction of tournament officials is the responsibility of the prospective competitor. Any individual under the age of 18 entering an event must have a parent or legal guardian over the age of 18 in the boat with them to compete. Allowed participation in any event is at the sole discretion of AWS tournament officials. All contestants must have a valid Arkansas fishing license during the time of the event. Arkansas Game and Fish may administer random checks during or at the conclusion of each event. Failure to comply with or provide proof of a valid fishing license to Arkansas Game and fish or AWS officials will result in immediate disqualification for each day of participation that the license was not valid. A properly completed and signed official application form and the entrance fee MUST BE RECEIVED AT GEARED OUTDOORS IN HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS NO LATER THAN 6:00PM THE NIGHT PRIOR TO THE TOURNAMENT DATE UNLESS PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE WITH THE DIRECTOR (CHRIS LAYTON & ZACK FREEMAN). IF YOU MISS THE ENTRY AND PAYMENT DEADLINE, YOU WILL INCUR A $25 LATE FEE THE MORNING OF THE TOURNAMENT. If you pay by check and the check fails to clear the bank for whatever reason, you will be charged a $25 added fee. The tournament official reserves the right to discontinue acceptance of applications prior to deadline and also the right to extend the acceptance date. Refund of entry fee will be made only if PROPER notification is made to tournament director prior to payment deadline. A sponsor may pay the entry fee of a contestant however must pay as said contestant. WHILE ON THE LAKE DURING THE TOURNAMENT, A COMPETITOR MAY NOT SOLICIT THE ADVICE OF ANYONE (other than another contestant). You may not use a cell phone or radio to discuss fishing during tournament hours. Each competitor agrees to report to Tournament Officials any violation or infraction of these Tournament Rules. The failure to report violations or suggestion to violate these rules, or false verification of weigh-in forms, will be cause for disqualification. EACH COMPETITOR AGREES TO SUBMIT BY HIS OR HER SIGNATURE ON THE ENTRY FORM (OR ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM), TO A POLYGRAPH TEST SHOULD HE BE ACCUSED OF ANY RULE VIOLATION. The administration and interpretation of a polygraph test shall be solely the responsibility of the tournament officials, and its agents. SAFETY: Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times by all tournament competitors. Each competitor is required to wear Coast Guard approved chest type life preservers. This preserver must be worn any time the motor is in gear. Violation of this rule shall be reason for immediate disqualification. Boats must be equipped with all Coast Guard required equipment including but not limited to fire extinguisher and fully functional kill switch. SPORTSMANSHIP: Competitors in AWS tournaments are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation. Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principles may be deemed cause for disqualification. Drunkenness by any competitor during the tournament will not be tolerated and shall be cause for automatic disqualification for this and all other future AWS tournaments. Maximum courtesy must be practiced at all times, especially with regard to boating and angling in the vicinity of non competitors who may be on tournament waters. Any act of a competitor, which reflects unfavorably upon AWS effort to promote fisheries conservation, clean waters, and courtesy, shall be reason for immediate disqualification. No alcoholic beverages, stimulants, or depressants, prescription or otherwise, shall be allowed in the boat during tournament hours. Tournament hours are considered from boat check tournament morning until results have been announced at the end of day. Every contestant must follow all local, state, federal, and game and fish laws including licenses and rules for tournament waters. Any contestant witnessing another contestant in violation may file a protest in writing to a tournament official. Anyone filing a protest must remain at weigh-in location until protested contestant has arrived and settle protest. TACKLE AND EQUIPMENT: Only artificial lures may be used. No live bait or “prepared bait” will be permitted with the exception of pork strips, rinds, etc. Only ONE casting, spin casting, or spinning rod and reel, may be used at any one time. All other types are prohibited. Other rigs as specified above may be in the boat ready to use, however only ONE is permitted in use at any given time. All bass must be caught live an in a conventional manner. Alabama rigs, spreader rigs, umbrella rigs, or similar multi bait rig will follow a number of “5” rule. example lure can at maximum have the following: 5 wires, 5 blades, 5 lures, 5 hooks. at no time can any such lure have more than 5 of any item. (dummy lures or lures without hooks will count toward your total of 5 allowable “lures”) BOAT AND MOTOR: Fishing boats may be used that are fourteen feet or more in length. A small motor, gas or electric, may be used for slow maneuvering. Trolling as a method of fishing is prohibited. PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS: Fishing on tournament waters is permitted anywhere except within fifty yards of a marina gas pump, and within fifty yards of another competitor’s boat which was first anchored. No such anchored boat shall permit selected competitors to fish within the fifty-yard circle claimed by him to the exclusion of any other competitor. All angling must be done from the boat. Competitors wishing to change fish habitat by placing any object in the tournament waters may do so if such action does not violate state or federal regulations. Contestants must not depart the boat to land fish. Boat must remain in tournament waters during tournament day. Contestant must leave and return to official checkpoint by boat. Both competitors must remain in boat at all times except in case of emergency (should a mechanical break down occur, another tournament contestant and one member from the disabled boat, may bring disabled boat’s catch in). In such an emergency, competitors may be removed from their boat to a boat operated by another competitor, or a rescue boat so designated by tournament officials. If a competitor must violate any of the above conditions, due to an emergency or any other reasons, his catch of the day shall not be counted in the tournament. Trailering a boat during tournament hours is prohibited. Contestants may fish anywhere on tournament waters open to the public and accessible by boat except areas marked as off-limits, restricted, no boats, no fishing or keep out (including similar language or markings intended to restrict public access) by any State Agency, Federal agency, commercial property owners or designated as off limits by AWS directors. Violation will result in disqualification of days catch. OFFICIAL CHECK POINT: There shall be only one official checkout in the morning and check-in in the afternoon. At the time of checkout, all competitors and their boats shall be in full conformance with all rules set forth herein. SCORING: Tournament standings auxiliary award and final winners shall be determined by the pound of each competitors catch. Only large mouth, and Spotted bass 13" or longer will be weighed. AWS officials observe species regulations set by AGFC, on waters that require the immediate release of smallmouth bass AWS officials will recognize mean mouth as a small mouth and cannot be weighed if possession is not allowed on tournament waters. The limit shall be five of the above species and varieties per day for the team. At no time shall a competitor have in his possession more than the limits described above unless during the normal culling process. Angler must cull upon catching his or her sixth fish before making the next cast. If angler does make a cast without culling a penalty of one pound will be deducted from that day’s total weight. Tournament officials will conduct checks for violation of this provision. Only bass as described above which meet lake, river, or state limits, measured on a FLAT BOARD shall be presented for weigh in. Any bass that appears to be mangled, mashed, mauled or otherwise altered will be weighed and credited only at the discretion of tournament officials. Each team must present his catch to the weigh in officials and the signature + completed scorecard of his partner of that day must certify the weight of his catch. After the competitor has delivered his catch to the weigh master, the catch becomes the property of AWS and will be released back to tournament waters. LATE PENALTY & DEAD FISH PENALTY: Any competitor who is not in the official checkpoint area at the appointed time, shall be penalized at the rate of one pound per minute to be deducted from the total weight of his catch that day for each one (1) minute he is late. Any competitors more than fifteen minutes late shall lose all credit for that day’s catch. There shall be no excuse for tardiness and in no case shall a competitor be allowed to make up “lost time.” After proper recognition at the check-in point, competitors will be allowed ample time to proceed to the weigh in site; however all fishing must cease upon check in. After tournament begins, fishing is prohibited except during tournament hours. Exact starting and check in times will be announced morning of event. For each dead fish presented to weigh in officials each team will be penalized one pound and only two dead fish will be allowed to weigh. QUALITY ASSURANCE TEST: By his or her signature on the entry form (mailed or online)‚ and/or participation in this tournament, contestants agree to submit to quality assurance tests if required by the Tournament Director. These may include all or part of the following: polygraph test, urinalysis or blood test. Refusal to submit by anglers will result in immediate disqualification and subsequent disqualification from any future AWS Tournaments. If the angler is unsuccessful with any or all of the above test, that angler’s weight shall be 0.00 pounds. Any competitor who has failed or had an inconclusive polygraph test with any tournament organization/entity may not fish AWS Tournaments.
  • By my electronic signature, I have read and understand the rules and the agreement provided by Mr. Bass ProAm. The undersigned acknowledge that there is a significant risk of injury from the activities involved in the Tournament including the potential for permanent injury and death. The undersigned agree that they are knowingly and freely assuming all risks of participation in the Tournament and assume full responsibility for their participation in the Tournament. I acknowledge & understand the tournament committee has the right to cancel the Tournament at any time with refunds being given to each contestant. If I place for any prize I will submit to a polygraph examination or be disqualified and abide by such results. THE UNDERSIGNED BY AND FOR THEMSELVES AND THEIR HEIRS, PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES AND NEXT OF KIN DO HEREBY RELEASE FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY AMERICAN WELDING SOCIETY, MR. BASS PROAM, PRO GEAR SOLUTIONS LLC, ITS OFFICERS, OFFICIALS, EMPLOYEES, SPONSORS AND THEIR AGENTS, AND ALL OTHER PARTICIPANTS IN THE TOURNAMENT, ALL SPONSORING AGENCIES, SPONSORS, ADVERTISERS, AND IF APPLICABLE, THE OWNERS AND LESSORS OF THE PREMISES USED TO CONDUCT THE TOURNAMENT (COLLECTIVELY THE “RELEASEES”), WITH RESPECT TO ANY AND ALL INJURY, DISABILITY, DEATH, LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PERSONAL PROPERTY INCURRED BY THE UNDERSIGNED AS A RESULT OF PARTICIPATION IN THE TOURNAMENT WHETHER ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES OR OTHERWISE. FURTHER, THE UNDERSIGNED AGREES TO HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY ALL RELEASEES FROM ANY AND ALL LOSS, COST DAMAGE OR EXPENSE, INCLUDING REASONABLE ATTORNEY’S FEES ARISING OUT OF THE UNDERSIGNED’S PARTICIPATION IN THE TOURNAMENT. SAFETY and SPORTSMANSHIP: Safe boating must be observed at all times. Life jackets and kill switches must be used any time the combustion motor is in gear. All contestants are required to follow the highest degree of sportsmanship, courtesy, and conservation. At the discretion of the Tournament Director, tournament days may be shortened or cancelled due to unsafe weather or water conditions. Shall this occur a refund would be given to each contestant or transferred to next event. No alcohol or controlled substance can be used or allowed in the boat during tournament hours. Entry forms that are not completed in full will not be accepted. Tournament entry fee is $200 for the event. Check, credit card, or Cash must accompany this entry form to qualify for tournament entry. By E-signing below I agree to the above and also agree to hold the AWS Central Arkansas Section, the American Welding Society or any of its affiliated organizations, employees or representatives entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries incurred, regardless of whether injuries are caused by negligence. I acknowledge that I am participating voluntarily, and that all risks have been made clear to me. I will make every effort to obey safety precautions as listed in writing and explained to me verbally, and I will ask for clarification when needed.