2013 Tournament 2

Story provided by Cody Kemp

Chip Hawkins Wins the MBOA Tournament on DeGray Lake!

The second MR. BASS of Arkansas was held on Sunday, on a wet, blustery, Lake Degray out of Iron Mountain Marina. History repeated itself with another oddly tuff day similar to the Ouachita tournament, with water temps in the 50’s we all anticipated big sacks to be brought to the scales but this was oviously not the case. Here is how the day went for the top three from the Pro and Co-angler side.

Pro Chip Hawkins wins MBOA on DeGray Lake
First place on the Pro side was “Returning” Chip Hawkins with 14.97lbs, A solid catch on a tough day. He commented that he ran as far as he could take his Sprint up the river, dropped the trolling motor and started fishing back down. He threw everything, spinnerbaits, jigs, rattle traps, jerkbaits, crankbaits all brought fish in the boat for him. For his efforts he earned a nice 1st place check worth $2,210

Pro Duke Gunnell wins MBOA 2nd place at DeGray Lake
Second Place was Duke Gunnell. He had a nice limit weighing 13.82 lbs. He commented catching fish all over the lake on a ½ ounce red shad rattle trap. For his efforts he earned $1,105 plus the days big bass a 4.9lb “donk” who “choked” the rattle trap. Earning Duke an additional $276.

Pro Brett Ward wins MBOA 3rd place at DeGray Lake
Third Place on the Pro side was Brent Ward. He had a good Lake Degray limit weighing 13.62lbs worth $829. Brent commented catching all of his fish from the Arlie Moore area throwing rattletraps in less than 2 feet of water in the backs of creeks and pockets with wind.

2nd Big Bass on the Pro side was Tony Nesterenko with a 4.84lb “rattle trap eating fool” earning him $184.

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Randy Verboon wins the Am Division!

Rany Verboon wins MBOA Am 1st place on DeGray Lake
First Place on the Co-angler side was Randy Verboon. He fished with Pro side winner Chip Hawkins. He had a solid four fish from the back of the boat weighing 9.47lbs. Randy Commented throwing everything at em’ today and that the long ride him and Chip took that morning felt like they ran to lake Dardanelle before ever making their first cast! For his efforts he earned $1,174 first place check plus big bass with a 3.57lb fish that earned him an additional $276.

Second Place on the Co-pro side was Ken Bass he had 4 nice bass weighing 7.74lbs earning him $587 plus a second big bass prize worth $184

Third Place was Glen Clements who had 3 fish that weighed 6.46lbs earning him $440 on the day.

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