2013 Tournament 5

Story provided by Cody Kemp

Timmy Poe Wins the MBOA Tournament on the Arkansas River @ Dumas!

The fifth MR. BASS of Arkansas tournament was held on Sunday, on a warm but breezy day on the Arkansas River Dumas pool. Before takeoff as everyone lathered on the bug spray and sunscreen the dock talk was eerily groaning voices of a tough bite.

Pro Timmy Poe wins MBOA on the Arkansas River at Dumas
First place on the Pro side was Timmy Poe with 15.73lbs. Timmy commented finding a sweet spot on his last few hours of practice on Saturday. The fish were positioned on a sand bar near the mouth of Moors Bayou. He was rotating holes throwing “Tasty Shad” colored RC series 3 square bill crank baits and pop R type lures. Both lures where tied to Viscous fishing line.  For Timmy’s great day he earned $1,831.00 plus another $500.00 for Ranger Cup.

Second Place was Chip Hawkins with 13.75lbs with only 3 fish! He commented he had real big fish found on a frog and the bite in practice was much better in the afternoons; however tournament day was a different story. His large fish turned to small fish and his afternoon bite slowed so much that he was unable to Get5, but 3 was good enough for a nice second place check worth $958 plus $228 for the day’s big bass, a 6.25lb brute.

Third Place on the Pro side was Danny Gwinn with 13.69lbs earning him $686.85 plus $152.00 for second big bass a 5.95lb chunk. Danny commented catching over 20 fish on the day all on a green pumpkin jig around rocks.

Rest of the money:
4th – Carl Carpenter – 12.66lbs – $457.90
5th – Teddy Bogard – 12.59lbs – $366.32
6th – Josh Madar – 12.27lbs – $320.53

Pro Angler winners of the MBOA Arkansas River Tourny at Dumas
Pros’ in the Money: 1st – Timmy Poe, 2nd – Chip Hawkins, 3rd – Danny Gwinn, 4th – Carl Carpenter, 5th – Teddy Bogard, 6th – Josh Madar

For Pro Point Standings as of 07/21/13, Click Here.

Sonny Bogard Wins Amateur Division!

Am Sonny Bogard wins MBOA on the Arkansas River at Dumas
First Place on the Co-angler side was Sonny Bogard with 11.78lbs earning him $969.00.

Second Place on the Co side was leader of the AOY race on the co side Randy Verboon with a weight of 11.14lbs earning him $484.00.

Third Place on the amateur side was Kelly Taylor who had 3 fish weighing 9.51lbs earning him $363.00 plus big bass with a fish weighing 3.95lbs worth $152.00.

Rest of the money:
Brian Freyaldenhoven -9.45lbs – $242.00
Johnny Manning – 8.78lbs – $194.00
Ryan Maxwell – 8.73lbs – $170.00

Amateur Angler winners of MBOA on the Arkansas RIver at Dumas
Ams’ in the Money: 1st – Sonny Bogard, 2nd – Randy Verboon, 3rd – Kelly Taylor, 4th – Brian Freyaldenhoven, 5th – Johnny Manning, 6th – Ryan Maxwell

For AM Point Standings as of 07/21/13, Click Here.

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