2014 Championship

110-12-14 (Final Day Results)

Pro Chris Huselton wins the 2014 Mr. Bass of Arkansas Classic Championship Tournament!

Pro Chris Huselton wins the MBOA 2014 Classic
Over the 3 day tournament, Chris Huselton caught 15 fish weighing a total of 48.93 lbs!

2014 MBOA Classic top 10 Pros

2014 Classic Pro Results

10-11-14 (Day Two Results)

Matthew Hamby wins the Amateur division of the Mr. Bass of Arkansas Classic Championship Tournament!

Am Matthew Hamby wins MBOA 2014 Classic
It has been a remarkable day in the history of the Mr. Bass of Arkansas tournament series. Today, Mr. Matthew Hamby set a new record by becoming the youngest person to win the Classic in the amateur division. Matthew is a 17 year old young man from Little Rock. He has been an amazing competitor throughout the year, consistently placing high at each qualifying event. Today he proved himself worthy of being called a champion when he weighed in 13.70 lbs for the day. This weight, combined with yesterday’s weight of 10.62 lbs, gave him a two day total weight of 24.32 lbs to edge out Chase Peek who had a two day combined weight of 19.58. Randy Verboon, who held the lead going into the second day of competition with 13.55 lbs closed out the afternoon with an additional 3.11 lbs for a total weight of 16.66 lbs, landing him in fourth place.

2014 MBOA Classic Top 8 Amateurs
Top 8 Co-Anglers (from right to left): Matthew Hamby 24.32lbs, Chase Peek 19.58lbs, Evan Barnes 16.91lbs, Randy Verboon 16.66lbs, Hunter Snell 15.59lbs, Kevin Crow 15.52lbs, Kelly Taylor 15.07lbs, Johnny Manning 14.07lbs (not pictured).
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Top 10 Pros in the 2014 MBOA Classic
Top 10 Pros (from left to right): Chris Huselton 31.31lbs, Steve Howard 30.64lbs, Chip Hawkins 28.02lbs, Brandon Lee 25.00lbs, Teddy Bogard 24.86lbs, Dylan Hays 24.62lbs, Jonathan Evans 24.54lbs, Mark McDonnel 24.31lbs, Jason Lieblong 23.65 (not pictured), Daniel Kweekul 23.26lbs.

In the Pro Division, last year’s champion, Timmy Poe started the day in the lead once again with 17.24 lbs. However, weighing in 5.18 lbs today was not enough to keep him in the running for the championship tomorrow. After a solid day yesterday with a weight of 16.75 lbs, Chris Huselton of Conway surged to the top of the board by weighing in 14.56 lbs today giving him a combined total weight of 31.31 lbs. Like Huselton, Steve Howard, another consistent competitor and longtime MBOA participant weighed in 5 fish limits both days for a combined total of 30.64 lbs.

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Day One Results:

PRO’S (pdf)

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Day one results 2014 Classic