2014 Tournament 1


Cody Burke Wins MBOA at Dardanelle!

Cody Burke
Cody Burke catches 5 bass that weighed 24.56lbs!

2-23-14 Dardanelle Pros
Pros in the Money: 1st– Cody Burke, 2nd– Dylan Hays, 3rd– Bill Puckett, 4th– Ricky Ellis, 5th– Billy Holt, 6th– Nick Warden, 7th- Jamey Black

Pro Money Winners:
1st – Cody Burke – 24.56lbs
2nd – Dylan Hays – 22.85lbs
3rd – Bill Puckett – 19.45lbs
4th – Ricky Ellis – 18.86lbs
5th – Billy Holt – 18.66lbs
6th – Nick Warden – 17.56lbs
7th – Jamey Black – 17.16lbs

1st place Big Bass = Cody Burke 7.39lbs
2nd place Big Bass = Jessie Stauber 5.84lbs

For complete Pro results, click here.

Rusty Hamby Wins Amateur Division at Dardanelle!

Rusty Hamby catches 5 bass weighing 23.21lbs!

2-23-14 Dardanelle Ams
Ams in the Money: 1st– Rusty Hamby, 2nd– Troy Denn, 3rd– Jared Allen, 4th– Roger Goodwin, 5th– Chris Isom, 6th– Andrew Sanders, 7th- Kenn Bass

Am Money Winners:
1st – Rusty Hamby – 23.21lbs
2nd – Troy Denn – 22.99lbs
3rd – Jared Allen – 17.98lbs
4th – Roger Goodwin – 16.00lbs
5th – Chris Isom – 12.98lbs
6th – Andrew Sanders – 12.55lbs
7th – Kenn Bass – 11.78lbs

1st place Big Bass = Chris Hamilton 7.12lbs
2nd place Big Bass = Troy Denn 6.38lbs

For complete Am results, click here.