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2018 Tournament 6


Spencer Shuffield wins the Mr. Bass Tournament #6 on Lake Nimrod

Spencer Shuffield becomes the MRBASS of Lake Nimrod 2018 (Wildcard) & clinches the Pro’s AOY title, winning a fully rigged demo boat for the 2019 season!

42 boats fished Sunday on Lake Nimrod in our sixth Mr. Bass of Arkansas event of the 2018 season! Anglers arrived to bright yet partly cloudy skies and most after having exciting practices and a lot of fish catches. Lake Nimrod is a fun place to go fish for sure!

Lake Nimrod is a red-dirty color as it flows out of the Fourche Lafave, so it fishes very similar to a swamp Millwood type body of water but with very little vegetation. In practice, guys had found whopper plopper bites, buzzbait, rattle trap and crankbaits, but as we got close to the event, the pressure took a a small toll on those power fishing techniques and flipping, worming, & shaky heading started to dominate. As usual someone will always come out and figure out the patterns within the pattern and this time is was Mr. Bass of Arkansas 2018 Pro Angler of the Year, Spencer Shuffield.

Spencer Shuffield clinched the Pro AOY with his 17.30 lbs, winning and earning the guaranteed $4,000! He also had the days Big Bass of 5.22 lbs, which was worth $400. Spencer also paid to get in the C-Map side pot which was worth an HDS 12 Carbon that retails for another $3,500! Overall he won a demo boat for the 2019 season, and $7,900 in cash and prizes! Spencer commented catching all of his fish on a 1/2 oz Wobble Head, a Shakey Head, and a 10″ worm on main lake ledges./p>

Second place was Billy Holt from Benton, Arkansas! He had 16.44 lbs which earned him $900 on the day. Billy commented he started out throwing a buzzbait and whopper plopper and had a limit pretty early. Later in the day he went out to the main river and started flipping a Texas rigged beaver and caught his two best fish around the wood.

Third place was statewide hammer Timmy Poe! He fished ledges on the main lake where he was throwing a big worm when his amateur started catching them on a 1/2 oz trap, so he swapped up and both of them started wearing them out! He also commented losing a 4 pounder out of a hole in his net…ouch! Timmy won $700 for his third place finish and $250 for second big bass from American Termite and Pest.


Mike Jinkins wins the Amateur side at Lake Nimrod!

Mike Jinkins was able to practice for this event during the week and was able to catch 15 lbs a day on the main lake, but his pro was going up river so he was concerned, but he said as an amateur he makes sure he is prepared for any scenario the pro may be doing and he was ready to fish his strengths no matter what. He won the guaranteed $2,000 and finished second in the Am’s AOY race! A certain hammer from the back of the boat! Watch for him on the pro side when he decides to make the jump!