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2019 Tournament 2


Chris Huselton wins MBOA #2 on Lake Hamilton!

Pro Chris Huselton wins MBOA #2 on Lake Hamilton
Chris topped 81 other Pros by catching a massive 19.48lbs he earned $5,100.00 for the event.
Chris Hamilton wins Mr. Bass of Arkansas 2-10-19
Chris commented that things finally worked out for him as he struggled the majority of the day until he decided to make a run back down a stretch he had fished earlier in the day. He made a couple passes back down it and and caught almost all of his weigh fish in the last hour and a half on a 1/2oz rattle trap.

Second place is Chip Hawkins

Chip Hawkins wins MBOA 2nd place at Lake Hamilton
Chip commented having a great day on the water catching quite a few fish most of which bit a spinnerbait for him in the off colored water from the rain. For his awesome finish he earned $1500.00

Third place is Don Douglas

Don Douglas wins MBOA 3rd place at Lake Hamilton
Don commented that he caught his 13.90lbs throwing a jig in shallow brush a staple on lake Hamilton this time of year.

Top Twelve Pros

Top Twelve Pro Winners MBOA #2 Lake Hamilton
2-10-19 Pro Results

David Adams wins Mr. Bass of Arkansas Amateur Div. on Lake Hamilton.

Am- David Adams wins MBOA #2 on Lake Hamilton
David topped 81 other Amateur Anglers by catching 5 fish That weighed 17.96lbs, earning $2,500.00 for
the event.
David Adams wins Am division on Lake Hamilton
David fished with Huey Applegate Sunday and commented how great of a pro and guy Huey was during the day. He commented catching all of his fish on an A-Rig tipped with small swimbaits 2.8” Keitech fat swing impacts.

Second place Am division is Brad Snodgrass

Brad Snodgrass wins 2nd place 2-10-19
Brad fished with Chip Hawkins who finished second on the Pro Side so there were a lot of fish being caught out Chips boat on the day! Brad ended up with a solid limit weighing 13.66lbs earning him a nice $1000.00. He commented catching the majority of his fish on a rattle trap while Chip tossed his spinnerbait on the upper end of the lake where Brad likes fishing.

Third place Am division is Duke Gunnell

Duke Gunnell wins 3rd place 2-10-19
Duke fished with Daniel Kweekul where they spoke about fishing the same stretch all day and it was patience that was the ticket to both of them getting their limits. Duke threw an A-Rig all day behind kweekul to catch his solid 13.28 lbs earning him $700.00.

Top Twelve Ams

Top Twelve Amateurs 2-10-19
Amateur Division Results 2-10-19