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2019 Tournament 4


Mark McDonnel wins Tournament 4 on Lake Dardanelle!

Mark McDonnel wins MBOA #4 on Lake Dardanelle 5-19-19

Mark topped 67 other Pros by wacking 25+ keepers on the day with the best 5 weighing 17.16lbs he earned the guaranteed $5,000.00 for the event, and was TAG qualified so won an additional $5,000.00. He was also in the Power-Pole side pot bringing his total earnings to a little over $11,500.00 worth of cash and prizes.

Mark commented putting in and running roughly 25 minutes before starting his day but quickly got to work putting a limit in the boat and slowly increased his catch all day throwing mainly a frog in backwater areas off the river.

Second place, Jamey Taylor, concentrated shallow throwing buzzbaits and spinnerbaits. He commented that his Amateur partner probably thought he was terrible until about mid morning when he finally got a little wind and the fish turned on like you had turned a switch! He caught them well afterwards and culled up to a solid 16.62lbs with a 5.76lb kicker earning him a nice $1,250.00 check and his 2nd second place finish in the same number of years on Dardanelle. His time is coming though!

Pro Eric Stain gets 3rd at tournament 4 on Lake Dardanelle 5-19-19

Third place, Eric Stain, focused on a two pronged approach one with a top water and the other with a small crankbait. He commented needing to downsize to more finesse lures to get his bites. He had a total of 15.80lbs with a 6.06lb mule! Earning him a total of $1500.00 on the day.

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High School angler Cameron Rhodes wins the Am Division

Cameron Rhodes wins Am Div. on Lake Dardanelle 5-19-19

Cameron fished behind the human sein Ryan Williams and was able to catch fish that Ryan wasn’t targeting by tossing around Texas rigged soft plastics from the back of the boat. He earned the guaranteed $2500.00 on the Amateur side and he tied for the big bass with a 5.5lb slounch!

Karson Hamilton gets 2nd in Am Div on Lake Dardanelle 5-19-19

Second place in Am Div, Karson Hamilton, fished with Pro side winner Mark Mccdonnell and commented he kept a flipping stick in his hands all day to try and catch fish that Mark wouldn’t normally catch on his frog. Karson earned a solid $800.00 for his day on the water learning from one of Arkansas’s best.

Sonny Bogard wins 3rd in Am Div on Lake Dardanelle 5-19-19

Third place in Am Div, Sonny Bogard, fished with Justin Hake on the pro side and by throwing soft plastics and Carolina rigs around behind Just he put together a nice limit weighing 10.22lbs. Anchoring his catch was one of the days big bass weighing in at 5.5lbs. Total earnings for Sonny’s solid day was $700.00.

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